Det Kongelige Bibliotek

Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Denmark is both a national library with an obligation to preserve Denmark’s digital cultural heritage, and a university library which serves the University of Copenhagen. This means det Kongelige Bibliotek both collects and preserves heritage data and is a legal deposit library for material published on the internet together with the Statsbiblioteket, Aarhus. This includes e-books and material from institutional repositories for Danish universities. Digital preservation activities at the Royal Library include everything from planning and collection to actual preservation using bit preservation and logical preservation.

The Library is involved in a wide range of different digital preservation activities through its participation in research and development projects nationally and internationally. In digital preservation planning, the Library is best known for its work on cost models: Web Archiving has been a major part of building its digital collections since 1998. The Library has been involved in developing the open source software NetarchiveSuite: The Library contributes to bit preservation both through research and as part of a Danish project which implements a national Bit Archive offering active bit preservation with differentiated services and bit safety levels. During the Planets project, the Library was involved in logical preservation. Currently, the Library is investigating what digital preservation means in a Library context, and the impact of this for preservation of different types of digital material.

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