The Statsbiblioteket, Denmark (SB) is an institution of the Danish Ministry of Culture. It functions as:

National library: The SB is a legal deposit library. It receives a copy of all Danish publications, whether in printed or in digital form. It houses the national newspaper collection, the national media archive and is the national loan centre for public libraries and small special libraries.

University library: The SB is the main library of Aarhus University. In addition to its everyday services (lending, reference service etc.) the SB library buys books, periodicals and other materials for departmental libraries in the university. Through the use of a union catalogue these materials are also accessible to the public.

Research facility: Like other libraries, archives and museums, which come under the Ministry of Culture, the SB is a research institution. Its main research fields are media, information and library research as well as research based on the library’s national and special collections.

Digital library: As a result of a new legal deposit law, effective from July 2005, the library has embarked on two initiatives; it has begun to digitise radio and television material broadcasted in Denmark in real time. This has already resulted in a digital radio/TV archive of over 600TB of data and over 1 million hours of broadcast material. Together with the Det Kongelige Bibliotek in Copenhagen it has also started to archive the Danish internet content. As a result of these two new initiatives, the library expects to add 200TB of data per year. The library is also engaged in digitising its audio collection; it currently holds more that 450,000 audio tracks in digital form.

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