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This tool needs some explanation of how it came about. At Nationaal Archief we were faced with various bottlenecks at ingest for our digital repository (which we call e-Depot). Characterization was one of them and when the OPF released the first prototype of FIDO we happily jumped on board for its development. Seeing the potential […]

By TechMaurice, posted in TechMaurice's Blog

28th Oct 2011  1:33 PM  17332 Reads  No comments

I attended the Practical Tools for Digital Preservation – A Hackathon event as a developer. As well as being enjoyable, I found this event useful and interesting. In my role as Developer for Arts and Humanities computing projects, I am in the process of implementing an OAIS compliant digital archive for the University of St Andrews. […]

By swithun, posted in swithun's Blog

14th Oct 2011  1:11 PM  13471 Reads  No comments

I participated in the Open Planets Foundation / Digital Preservation Coalition hackathon event in York two weeks ago (27/09 – 29/09).  This is the third event of this type that I’ve attended this year, and so far each has been better than the previous. The event was well attended, with 30+ people over the three […]

By Carl Wilson, posted in Carl Wilson's Blog

11th Oct 2011  12:26 PM  19729 Reads  No comments

As I already briefly mentioned in a previous blog post, one of the objectives of the SCAPE project is to develop an architecture that will enable large scale characterisation of digital file objects. As a first step, we are evaluating existing characterisation tools. The overall aim of this work is twofold. First, we want to […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

21st Sep 2011  1:40 PM  19167 Reads  No comments

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on the design of a workflow that the KB is planning to use for the migration of a collection of (mostly old) TIFF images to JP2. One major risk of such a migration is that hardware failures during the migration process may result in corrupted images. For […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

1st Sep 2011  8:47 AM  34608 Reads  No comments

We’ve been working away on defining and solving preservation problems at the 3 day AQuA Mashup event in Leeds. Today we wrapped up some new technical solutions and documented what we learnt. I think its not unrealistic to claim that most of the preservation issues and challenges have actually been centred around pretty straightforward problems. […]

By paul, posted in paul's Blog

13th Apr 2011  8:49 PM  13872 Reads  No comments

Attendees at the first AQuA Project event in Leeds, UK, are spending 3 days tackling some preservation issues with their digital collections. We’re trying to answer questions such as: What does my digital collection consist of? What preservation risks does it face? Are any of the files broken? Are there any duplicates? We’re mid way […]

By paul, posted in paul's Blog

12th Apr 2011  2:47 PM  11868 Reads  No comments

The OPF is collaborating on an exciting new project that is aiming to enhance our ability to validate the condition of digital content. The AQuA Project is running two mashup events in April and June that will focus on developing our understanding of collection issues, such as bit rot or digitisation errors, and develop ways […]

By paul, posted in paul's Blog

16th Mar 2011  5:05 PM  12024 Reads  No comments