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What are the Digitisation Days? The Digitisation Days aim to present an up-to-date vision of the most recent advances in technology for the digitisation of text, to showcase successful experiences in their application and to explore the challenges for the near future of digitisation. It comprises the DATeCH International Conference that is conceived as forum […]

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The British Library has a large digitisation portfolio and currently there are about 25 initiatives at the British Library which vary in terms of scale, funding models and process. Digitisation is delivered both internally and through partnerships and the Library has been investing in infrastructure and business process developments. The presentation will explain the processes […]

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Motivation The need for specific training on the multiple facets of digitisation and digital preservation technology is a common concern at cultural heritage institutions. As a response, the Impact Centre of Competence and the Open Preservation Foundation promote the organisation of a high-quality MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on digitisation and digital preservation. Objective The […]

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