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Some time ago Will Palmer, Peter May and Peter Cliff of the British Library published a really interesting paper that investigated three different JPEG 2000 codecs, and their effects on image quality in response to lossy compression. Most remarkably, their analysis revealed differences not only in the way these codecs encode (compress) an image, but […]

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26th Sep 2014  1:06 PM  16413 Reads  3 Comments

Like many other organisations that are using JPEG 2000, the KB produces two representations of most of its digitised content (newspapers, books, periodicals): a high-quality, losslessly compressed JP2 that is the archival master; a lesser-quality, lossily compressed JP2 that is used as an access image (this is used for e.g. our newspapers website). The majority […]

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19th Aug 2013  11:22 AM  14198 Reads  No comments