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Authors: Martin Schaller, Sven Schlarb, and Kristin Dill In the SCAPE Project, the memory institutions are working on practical application scenarios for the tools and solutions developed within the project. One of these application scenarios is the migration of a large image collection from one format to another. There are many reasons why such a […]

By shsdev, posted in shsdev's Blog

24th Jun 2014  9:12 AM  11883 Reads  No comments

These have been two busy days in Den Haag where Carl Wilson from the OPF tries to show us how to use tools in order to have clean environments and well-behave installation procedures that will "always" work.   The use of vagrant (connected to the appropriate provider, in our experimental case VirtualBox) allows to start […]

By tledoux, posted in tledoux's Blog

2nd Apr 2014  6:37 AM  11176 Reads  No comments

As previously blogged about by Carl we now have virtually all SCAPE and OPF projects in Continuous Integration; building and unit testing in both Travis CI and Jenkins.  Travis compiles the projects and executes unit tests whenever a new commit is pushed to Github, or when a pull request is submitted to the project.  Jenkins […]

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1st Nov 2013  10:19 AM  11344 Reads  No comments

It’s been more than two years now since I wrote my D-Lib paper JPEG 2000 for Long-term Preservation: JP2 as a Preservation Format. From time to time people ask me about the status of the issues that are mentioned in that paper, so here’s a long overdue update. Issues addressed in the 2011 paper The […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

1st Jul 2013  4:44 PM  17345 Reads  2 Comments

About a year ago, work started on packaging SCAPE tools. Jpylyzer was the first SCAPE tool that was turned into a Debian package. Some time later, the OPF set up a couple of machine images at Amazon Web Services, which can be used to create packages repeatedly using a virtual machine. Even though I’ve used […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

23rd Apr 2013  10:53 AM  13859 Reads  No comments

As part of our work on test-beds for the SCAPE project we have been investigating the various ways in which a large scale file format migration workflow could be implemented.  The underlying technologies chosen for the platform are Hadoop and Taverna.  One of the aims of the SCAPE project is to allow the automatic generation […]

By willp-bl, posted in willp-bl's Blog

14th Feb 2013  1:48 PM  15379 Reads  No comments

I've already written a number of blog posts on format validation of JP2 files. Format validation is only a one aspect of a quality assessment workflow. Digitisation guidelines typically impose various constraints on the technical characteristics of preservation and access images. For example, they may state that a preservation master must be losslessly compressed, and […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

4th Sep 2012  11:04 AM  16040 Reads  2 Comments

In this blog post I will give a brief update of the latest jpylyzer developments. Jpylyzer is a validation and feature extraction tool for the JP2 (JPEG 2000 Part 1) still image format. History of jpylyzer Around mid-summer 2011, the KB started initial preparations for migrating 146 TB of TIFF images from the Dutch Metamorfoze […]

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23rd Apr 2012  10:53 AM  18980 Reads  No comments

This will be my shortest blog post ever. Following up on my previous blog post on a prototype JP2 validator and properties extractor (jpylyzer), there is now a comprehensive User Manual of the tool. Just follow the link below: Link to jpylyzer home page: Meanwhile work on jpylyzer remains ongoing, so watch this […]

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10th Jan 2012  5:07 PM  16621 Reads  No comments

A few months ago I wrote a blog post on a simple JP2 file structure checker. This led to some interesting online discussions on JP2 validation. Some people asked me about the feasibility of expanding the tool to a full-fledged JP2 validator. Despite some initial reservations, I eventually decided to dedicate a couple of weeks […]

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14th Dec 2011  12:30 PM  22974 Reads  No comments