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Motivation The need for specific training on the multiple facets of digitisation and digital preservation technology is a common concern at cultural heritage institutions. As a response, the Impact Centre of Competence and the Open Preservation Foundation promote the organisation of a high-quality MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on digitisation and digital preservation. Objective The […]

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18th Sep 2015  12:00 AM  0 Reads  No comments

During March and April 2015 the OPF assumed stewardship of JHOVE after the existing maintainer, Gary McGath, expressed his wish to step down. The OPF’s initial aims were to take ownership of the JHOVE resources and establish sustainable home for the project on GitHub. Following this we’ve updated the build, testing and distribution process for […]

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26th Aug 2015  1:00 PM  0 Reads  No comments

The Open Preservation Foundation and Digital Preservation Coalition, with support from the European Commission and the PREFORMA project, invite members to a briefing day on preserving PDF at Oxford University on Wednesday 15th July 2015. PDF is a ubiquitous format for publishing and sharing digital documents. It provides a useful tool for dissemination and because […]

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15th Jul 2015  10:00 AM  0 Reads  No comments

  On Thursday 28 May we welcomed our members to the fifth Annual General Meeting of the OPF, kindly hosted by the Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna. The meeting was well-attended, and we also had a live link for those who could not attend in person.This year we ran a parallel technical track for […]

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1st Jun 2015  4:02 PM  1951 Reads  No comments

This one-day workshop examined how digital forensics and the use of disk images can support your digital preservation workflows. Supported by expert facilitators Cal Lee and Kam Woods from the University of North Carolina, participants gained hands-on experience using the BitCurator tools including the latest developments with BitCurator Access. The BitCurator Environment is a suite of open […]

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29th May 2015  12:00 AM  0 Reads  No comments

This year we ran a technical track in parallel to the managerial sessions at this meeting. The managerial session began with the core business of the meeting, looking back at the past year’s activities and evaluating of our work against the annual plan. The afternoon session focussed on looking forward, and setting priorities for the year ahead. […]

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28th May 2015  10:30 AM  0 Reads  No comments

Overview For decades memory institutions have put effort into dealing with pieces of the digital preservation puzzle. Unfortunately this has also resulted in quite a lot of fragmentation – solutions in place in different institutions and countries are not easily reusable in others. After carrying out extensive consultations with the European Commission a set of […]

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20th May 2015  2:00 PM  0 Reads  No comments

Overview This webinar looked at the techniques the National Archives New Zealand is developing to aid in the analysis of collections and also support the dissemination of the skill set that will help non-digital-preservation specialists continue to support the organisation in its ability to process born-digital collections. In 2013, the Archives New Zealand’s worked on analysing the content […]

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16th Apr 2015  9:00 AM  0 Reads  No comments

Overview This webinar introduces the aims and progress of veraPDF in the first phase of the project. OPF and DPC members were invited to respond to two working documents, which described the software design. This feedback was incorporated in the final project reports. Session lead Ed Fay, Open Preservation Foundation

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