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These have been two busy days in Den Haag where Carl Wilson from the OPF tries to show us how to use tools in order to have clean environments and well-behave installation procedures that will "always" work.   The use of vagrant (connected to the appropriate provider, in our experimental case VirtualBox) allows to start […]

By tledoux, posted in tledoux's Blog

2nd Apr 2014  6:37 AM  10500 Reads  No comments

As previously blogged about by Carl we now have virtually all SCAPE and OPF projects in Continuous Integration; building and unit testing in both Travis CI and Jenkins.  Travis compiles the projects and executes unit tests whenever a new commit is pushed to Github, or when a pull request is submitted to the project.  Jenkins […]

By willp-bl, posted in willp-bl's Blog

1st Nov 2013  10:19 AM  10539 Reads  No comments

One of the Open Planets Foundation’s main roles in the SCAPE project is to provide stewardship for, and ensure longevity of the SCAPE software outputs. The SCAPE project is committed to producing open source software that is available to the wider community on GitHub, with clear licence terms and appropriate documentation, at an early stage […]

By Carl Wilson, posted in Carl Wilson's Blog

27th Sep 2013  7:39 PM  11338 Reads  No comments