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The webinar is dedicated to the practical preservation of relational database. The first part of the webinar introduces the updates which have been done to the original SIARD format in collaboration by the E-ARK project and the Swiss Federal Archives. Most notably, the SIARD 2.0 format adds additional scalability and support for newer SQL methods […]

By Becky, posted in Becky's Blog

9th Nov 2016  1:00 PM  0 Reads  No comments

The first part of the webinar is dedicated to the E-ARK “Common Specification for Information Packages”. This specification defines a standardised set of rules for the structure and use of metadata within any Information Package, regardless of its size, the data it includes or the type of organisations which shall deliver, preserve or reuse it. […]

By Becky, posted in Becky's Blog

2nd Nov 2016  11:00 AM  0 Reads  No comments

Overview For decades memory institutions have put effort into dealing with pieces of the digital preservation puzzle. Unfortunately this has also resulted in quite a lot of fragmentation – solutions in place in different institutions and countries are not easily reusable in others. After carrying out extensive consultations with the European Commission a set of […]

By Becky, posted in Becky's Blog

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In the middle of November 2012, the first OPF Hackathon on Emulation took place in Freiburg, Germany. It brought together practitioners from different national libraries, library information services as well as a couple of researchers in the domain. The aim of the three-day Hackathon was to work on practical use-cases and real-live challenges stemming from […]

By Dirk von Suchodoletz, posted in Dirk von Suchodoletz's Blog

4th Dec 2012  3:15 PM  12041 Reads  No comments

The bwFLA project (Baden-Wuerttemberg Functional Longterm Archiving and Access) is a two-year state sponsored project with the goal of defining and providing a practical implementation of archival workflows for the rendering of digital objects (i.e. easily accessed by users) in its original environment (i.e. application). Thereby, the project focuses on supporting the user during object […]

By Isgandar Valizada, posted in Isgandar Valizada's Blog

15th Dec 2011  5:11 PM  12510 Reads  No comments

The typical reading room computer in libraries, archives and often museums is equipped with a way for patrons to search and browse the institutions catalogues and digital collections. The digital collections are often rather restricted by the systems to making accessible only a few of today’s multimedia formats and documents types (for example PDF, jpeg […]

By Dirk von Suchodoletz, posted in Dirk von Suchodoletz's Blog

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