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Conducting some research into the chaining of digital preservation tools using a Linux shell script, I once again found it difficult to source a set of files that I could use as a stake in the ground and allow my work to be in some way replicated by others wishing to confirm results and find […]

By ross-spencer, posted in ross-spencer's Blog

20th Feb 2014  6:57 AM  10990 Reads  No comments

During and around this year's iPRES a couple of discussions sprung up around the topic of proper software archiving and it was part of the DP challenges workshop discussions. With services emerging around emulation as e.g. developed in the bwFLA project (see e.g. the blog post on EaaS demo or Digital Art curation) proper measures […]

By Dirk von Suchodoletz, posted in Dirk von Suchodoletz's Blog

10th Oct 2013  1:51 PM  14707 Reads  2 Comments

Following the community response to our workshop last year, we want to invite you again to contribute your future preservation challenge! Digital Preservation has emerged as a key challenge for information systems in almost any domain from eCommerce and eGovernment to finance, health, and personal life. The field is increasingly recognized and has taken major […]

By cbecker, posted in cbecker's Blog

17th Jun 2013  5:24 PM  14364 Reads  2 Comments

Digital Preservation is making certain progress in terms of tool development, progressive establishment of standards and increasing activity in user communities, but there is a wide gap of approaches to systematically assess, compare and improve how organizations go about achieving their preservation goals. Some standards exist suggesting certain functional building blocks and others prescribing criteria […]

By cbecker, posted in cbecker's Blog

14th Jun 2013  5:46 PM  12254 Reads  No comments

The typical digital artefact or complex object does not function (render, execute, …) without a certain software environment. Emulation-as-a-Service (EaaS) provides original environments running in platform emulators. Depending on the (complex) object to be handled, several software components are required to reproduce an original environment. Often, these components are proprietary and require a software license. […]

By Dirk von Suchodoletz, posted in Dirk von Suchodoletz's Blog

1st Apr 2013  2:23 PM  12945 Reads  3 Comments