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At Archives New Zealand we were finding ‘WAVE’ files becoming a bottleneck of one of our ingest processes. The result initially looked odd to me where I had thought I had understood in the past that file format identification would not take longer to divine than a checksum. My rationale being that to identify a […]

By ross-spencer, posted in ross-spencer's Blog

22nd Aug 2016  8:15 AM  2102 Reads  2 Comments

For computer scientists and software engineers, benchmarking (evaluating the running time of a piece of software, or the performance of a piece of hardware) is a common method for evaluating new techniques. However, there is little agreement on how benchmarking should be carried out, how to control for confounding variables, how to analyse latency data, […]

By Becky, posted in Becky's Blog

20th Apr 2016  10:00 AM  0 Reads  No comments