Interest Groups

We have established interest groups to focus on specific themes in digital preservation. These groups, led by our member organisations, provide a place to share information, experiences, and tools on particular topics. These groups can define requirements for collaborative development work, produce case studies, and offer a central point of expertise for each theme.

We will continue to develop groups focussing on new topics, based on our members’ needs.

Our archive interest group started in July 2016. The group has agreed a short-list of priorities and the order they will approach them. They adopted the Catalogue of Policy Elements to guide their discussion. The first topics they will address are properties and format standards, and reliability and risk management.

Our member survey, carried out in October 2014, identified that documents are one of the most commonly held formats collected by our member organisations. The documents interest group is launching in March 2015. OPF interest groups will bring together members with common interests and expertise to share experiences and advance knowledge and technology in a particular area of […]

We believe that there are people within the EC who recognise the importance of digital preservation and are keen to see funding restored in future calls The Foundation set up a working group among its members to discuss approaches to influence the EC to put digital preservation back on the agenda. In January 2017, we: […]