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This blog diary captures what the OPF team have been upto. We aim to post updates at least once a fortnight, more regularly when there’s a lot going on. Becky: It’s been a busy month, starting off with our Annual General Meeting on 7-8 June. This year it was kindly hosted by the Bibliothèque nationale […]

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29th Jun 2017  2:19 PM  1548 Reads  No comments

On June 7 and 8 2017, the General Annual Meeting of the Open Preservation Foundation was held at the National Library of France in Paris.   While listening to the presentations, talking with the participants and making an inventory of tools, services, workflow software and repository systems, an idea started to grow in my mind. […]

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13 Jun

PRONOM is an online file format registry, maintained by The National Archives in the UK. It contains information about approximately 1500 different digital file formats. Identifying file formats in your collection is an essential first step for digital preservation. This webinar will provide an introduction to PRONOM, and explore the different types of file signature […]

As promised yesterday this is the follow up blog to the refactor of my original DROID SQLite Analysis work. The new version now allows you to produce reports from the format identification tool Siegfried. In this blog I wanted to talk about a small number of other details that can be a bit harder to […]

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24th May 2016  9:59 AM  2274 Reads  No comments

Abstract() This blog discusses what we have available in our toolkit for contributing more signatures to PRONOM for the benefit of the digital preservation community. It also discusses the potential issues we need to work around in the short time we have between controlled PRONOM releases. The blog outlines an idea for a temporary, federated […]

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11th Aug 2015  10:59 AM  3811 Reads  3 Comments

We are delighted to welcome Artefactual Systems Inc. as the newest affiliate member of the Open Preservation Foundation (OPF); the first since we launched our new membership model in June 2015. Artefactual Systems is the lead developer of three open-source software tools, Archivematica ( for digital preservation, AtoM ( for archival description and online access, […]

Siegfried v 1.0 is now available at Siegfried is a PRONOM-based file format identification tool. Key features are: complete implementation of PRONOM (byte and container signatures) reliable results (siegfried is tested against Ross Spencer’s skeleton suite and QA tested against DROID and FIDO output using fast matching without limiting the number of bytes […]

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25th Mar 2015  5:02 AM  3406 Reads  No comments

A little while ago I introduced a new file format identification tool, siegfried, on this blog. Since then, I’ve been refining the tool, with a goal of a 1.0 release early next year (probably around March). I hope you don’t mind the occasional update about my progress on this blog. One of my goals with […]

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Instructions for running, installing and configuring FIDO. Command line usage usage: [-h] [-v] [-q] [-recurse] [-zip] [-nocontainer] [-pronom_only] [-input INPUT] [-filename FILENAME] [-useformats INCLUDEPUIDS] [-nouseformats EXCLUDEPUIDS] [-matchprintf FORMATSTRING] [-nomatchprintf FORMATSTRING] [-bufsize BUFSIZE] [-container_bufsize CONTAINER_BUFSIZE] [-loadformats XML1,…,XMLn] [-confdir CONFDIR] [FILE [FILE …]] positional arguments: FILE files to check. If the file is -, then read […]

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Ok. I know what you’re thinking. Do we really need another PRONOM-based, file format identification tool? A year or so I might have said “no” myself. In DROID and FIDO, we are already blessed with two brilliant tools. In my workplace, we’re very happy users of DROID. We trust it as the reference implementation of […]

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27th Sep 2014  7:52 AM  15672 Reads  8 Comments