Our Mission, Values and Strategy


To enable OPF members around the world to meet the long term access and preservation of digital content challenge with a best practices strategy that is widely adopted and actively implemented in the field of cultural heritage organisations and beyond.


  • Openness – an open community supporting open technologies.
  • Realism – promoting and supporting processes and technologies that can really be taken into practice.
  • Pragmatic – first things first, with a high level of appreciation for members’ priorities with regards to DP practises and tools.
  • Community – driven towards sharing practises and building a strong DP community.
  • Engagement – in-depth understanding of DP challenges.
  • Trusted advisor on DP practices.
  • Sustain and develop partnerships, make sure that products and services will sustain.
  • Adaptable – stay abreast of changing requirement and be able to manage these changes via continuous adoption of innovation and integration of R&D efforts.


As part of its mission to establish shared digital preservation best practices and supporting tools, OPF makes these available to its members and beyond. Furthermore, OPF will facilitate and actively foster communities and partnerships that are imperative to achieving the OPF mission and are aligned with its vision.

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