OPF Hackathon – don’t you wish you were there?

I’m not at the OPF Hackathon this week in the Netherlands, and I’ll admit to being slightly envious of those who are!  The idea behind the Hackathon is to bring practioners and developers together for some intense exchange of goals and ideas, collect use cases, show each other tools and approaches, and do some quality coding.

We are fortunate to have some very clever and very skilled people in the OPF community who care deeply about digital preservation – and like getting things done.  I’m really pleased that so many of them were able to come together for this event, and am looking forward to hearing about and seeing the results.

This is an exciting step on the journey to building up a vital effective digital preservation community at the OPF.

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17th Nov 2010  10:01 AM  11935 Reads  No comments


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