Investigating PRONOM EOF patterns and DROID ‘Fast’ Scanning

Following on from the interesting discussion in my last post about the jpeg signatures, I undertook some quick testing on the impact of using / not using the EOF sections of a DROID signature file.

I previously posted this signature file here: 


I have compiled my results and written a brief paper that is available here:


I have included the summary section here:

“This short paper presents the results found when the End Of File (EOF) section is removed from the current Droid Signature (v55).

A second test is completed, in which the ‘Maximum Scan Bytes’ function is tested with the same signature files.

A recommendation is made to repeat these tests, and extend the scope of the source files.

A recommendation is made to consider the case for removing some EOF markers if there is an efficiency gain in doing so.

A recommendation is made to assess the impact of using the ‘Fast’ mode of Droid v6.”


Thought, comments and questions welcomed as ever.

By Jay Gattuso, posted in Jay Gattuso's Blog

9th Feb 2012  1:09 AM  15511 Reads  7 Comments


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