Practitioners’ discussion at the database archiving Hackathon

On day 3 of the Hackathon we split into groups once again. This blog contains assorted notes from the practitioners discussion group. The group discussed how archivists need to be able to define their requirements before looking for technical solutions. Archivists must be able to make good use cases. We also discussed whether it still maked sense to separate clearly between archivists and technicians, since many employees in the memory instituions have competences in both fields. Use cases should be written in groups and the technicians need to get instant feedback. Practitioners need guides to write good requirements and in many cases templates would be helpful. High quality requirements come from good processes. It should be possible for us as practitioners to define 3, 5 or 10 main tasks we need to get done in terms of database archiving (e.g. archive all tables, some tables, an extract of the most important records) We need to define the goals we want to achieve. Personally, I think the next step for us as an online-communty would be to define those situations where we need solutions for database archiving, so that we can share more specific experiences and ideas.

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