OPF Webinar “Digital Preservation at your command, part II” available as video

Last week I had the honour to host the OPF Webinar "Digital Preservation at your command, part II".

During the Webinar attendees were shown the difference and/or similarities between the command line interfaces of MS DOS, Linux and Apple.

Here is a short summary of the Webinar:
* Comparison of command line interfaces (MS DOS, Linux, Apple) and a little history
* Invoking a command line application, arguments and argument length, input/output and redirection
* Caveats of the MS DOS command line (UTF8, forking)
* Managing performance and load balancing of processes
* Using command line applications and FIDO to create custom functionality

If you missed it, the video is available on Youtube now.

The DIY custom directory listing tool "FIDIR", as demonstrated in the Webinar, shows you the PUIDs and mime-types of files. The source code for MS DOS and Linux/Mac can be found at the OPF GitHub. You'll also need FIDO to run FIDIR.

Also see the OPF Labs Wiki for a page on command line trickery. Note that this page is brand new and far from complete, more trickery and comments are very welcome.

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