Siegfried v 1.0 released (a file format identification tool)

Siegfried v 1.0 is now available at

Siegfried is a PRONOM-based file format identification tool.

Key features are:

  • complete implementation of PRONOM (byte and container signatures)
  • reliable results (siegfried is tested against Ross Spencer’s skeleton suite and QA tested against DROID and FIDO output using
  • fast matching without limiting the number of bytes scanned
  • detailed information about the basis for format matches
  • simple command line interface with a choice of outputs (YAML, JSON, CSV)
  • a built-in server for integrating with workflows and language inter-op
  • power options including debug mode, signature modification, and multiple identifiers.

Thanks very much to Ross Spencer for the skeleton suite, to Misty De Meo for ubuntu and homebrew packaging, and to everyone at TNA who have built and sustained the PRONOM database.

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