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There is little doubt, that a predictive costing tool would be usefull to plan and manage the preservation of digital content, in fact it should be indisspensible to most archives, one should be inclined to think.Predicting future costs is allways difficult, every prediction can only be accurate to a certain point, as we cannot fortell […]

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Hello!   We recieved a batch of digital images and are not able to define what imageformat they are saved in and what software to render them with. Could you help me with this task and explain how to proceede in such a situation? they have a suffix “.ch” and are fairly large (ca. 18 […]

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hello!   anyone who could send me a the LIFE-Cost-Predicting-Tool (and documentation)? I’m rather desperate as I’m looking since month for this tool and I need it urgently. Thanks! angela

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