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Carl is the Technical Lead for the Open Preservation Foundation. Prior to that he worked for The British Library’s Digital Preservation Team on internal and external projects, including a spell as Technical Co-ordinator for the SCAPE project. He spent three years as Technical Lead on the Planets project, developing the Interoperability Framework and Service Interface definitions. He also helped organise and run the Planets Service Developer’s Workshops. Carl particularly enjoys hackathon style events, and is a regular attendee at OPF events, as well as those which were organised as part of the SPRUCE and AQuA projects.

The OPF is holding a PDF event in Hamburg on 1st-2nd September 2014 where we'll be taking an in-depth look at the PDF format, its sub-flavours like PDF/A and open source tools that can help. This is a quick post of list of things you can do to prepare for the event if you're attending […]

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12th Aug 2014  10:01 AM  15700 Reads  1 Comment

One of the Open Planets Foundation’s main roles in the SCAPE project is to provide stewardship for, and ensure longevity of the SCAPE software outputs. The SCAPE project is committed to producing open source software that is available to the wider community on GitHub, with clear licence terms and appropriate documentation, at an early stage […]

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27th Sep 2013  7:39 PM  12763 Reads  No comments

This is my first, long overdue blog post since starting my new role as Software Configuration Manager for OPF at the start of the year.  Truth be told that between the SCAPE end of year and review, a weeks holiday, and working out what to do it doesn't feel like four months since I started.  […]

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8th May 2013  9:12 AM  11048 Reads  No comments

I spent last week at the Open Planets Foundation Database Archiving event at the Statens Arkvier in Copenhagen. There was a good mix of people, both technical and practicioners, with some informative presentations, and it was interesting to see the different approaches to the problem. To my mind there appeared to be two distinct classes […]

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20th Feb 2012  11:10 AM  20498 Reads  No comments

I participated in the Open Planets Foundation / Digital Preservation Coalition hackathon event in York two weeks ago (27/09 – 29/09).  This is the third event of this type that I’ve attended this year, and so far each has been better than the previous. The event was well attended, with 30+ people over the three […]

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Following three and a half very enjoyable years working on Planets, I’m now tasked with integrating some of the Planets software with the Digital Library System here at The British Library. While some of the work I’ll be doing over the next few months will be quite BL centric, a good deal of it will […]

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