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Some recent Twitter discussions led to me explaining how The National Archives’ CSV Validator (and CSV Schema Language) could be combined with a CSV file exported from a DROID report to detect duplicate digital files based on their checksum. Rachel MacGregor has written this up in her blog post Seeing double. This general idea could […]

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28th May 2019  6:05 PM  2167 Reads  2 Comments

Following on from my previous brief post announcing the beta release of the CSV Validator, http://www.openpreservation.org/blogs/2014-03-21-csv-validator-beta-releases, today we've made the formal version 1.0 release of the CSV Validator and the associated CSV Schema Language.  I've described this in more detail on The NAtional Archives' blog, http://blog.nationalarchives.gov.uk/blog/csv-validator-new-digital-preservation-tool/

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15th Jul 2014  12:10 PM  12391 Reads  2 Comments

For quite some time at The National Archives (UK) we've been working on a tool for validating CSV files against user defined schema.  We're now at the point of making beta releases of the tool generally available (1.0-RC3 at the time of writing), along with the formal specification of the schema language.  The tool and […]

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