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Head of Digital Preservation at the Danish National Archives

Phew. The working day is getting to an end and it is time to wrap up this International Day of Digital Preservation with some tidbits of what we have been up to here at the Danish National Archives in terms of digital preservation today. I will try to sum it up in a few key words. My […]

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Further to the discussions in the practitioners’ group on day 2 and 3 of the database archiving Hackathon, here are a few thoughts and ideas that we could consider: 1. Agree on a standard format for database preservation. The format should not be a SIP-format but a preservation format that can be implemented in the […]

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9th Feb 2012  10:32 AM  20094 Reads  1 Comment

On day 3 of the Hackathon we split into groups once again. This blog contains assorted notes from the practitioners discussion group. The group discussed how archivists need to be able to define their requirements before looking for technical solutions. Archivists must be able to make good use cases. We also discussed whether it still […]

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The Danish National Archives has completed a major migration project of all digital records received before 2000. An evaluation report has now been published in English. It is available here: Evaluation_of_the_Format_and_Structure_Conversion_Project.doc The Danish National Archives is very interested in knowing if any other preservation institutions have accomplished or plan to accomplish similar projects. We would […]

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