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Last Friday I ran a workshop at the BL trying to identify what I guess we might call significant properties of ebooks. This is to inform requirements for ebook characteristation tools developed as part of SCAPE and also help inform BL staff involved in ebook ingest projects. To this end I wasn't just interested in the theoretically interesting features that […]

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4th Sep 2013  9:13 AM  13989 Reads  1 Comment

“Characterization” can mean many things (I’m particularly fond, especially in this context, of the OED’s “creation of a fictitious character or fictitious characters”). Back in October Paul Wheatley suggested that digital preservation practitioners needed “better characterisation” and defined this as enabling them to determine the condition, content and value of digital records prior to ingest […]

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15th Mar 2013  12:23 PM  15573 Reads  1 Comment

I’m not an astronomer but if I were I’d probably get excited watching the birth of a star. What I do get excited about is being around to watch the creation and evolution of a digital preservation problem right here and now. The story of the ebook is an old one, but electronic book readers […]

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