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Archiving 2019

May 14 : 8:00 AM - May 17 : 5:00 PM

Archiving 2019 takes place in Lisbon from 14-17 May, 2019. The conference, which is on the theme of Digitization, Preservation, and Access, will be of interest to imaging experts and technicians as well as curators, managers, and researchers from libraries, archives, museums, records management repositories, information technology institutions, and commercial enterprises. The conference presents the latest research results on digitization and curation, provides a forum to explore new strategies and policies, and reports on successful projects that can serve as benchmarks in the field.

OPF will be giving a short course at the event. ‘JHOVE 101: Open Source File Format Validation’ will  enable attendees to:

  • Gain an understanding of the levels of file format validation and why this is important in preservation and archiving.
  • Learn how to install and configure JHOVE.
  • Get hands-on experience using JHOVE and learning how to interpret the results.
  • Understand JHOVE’s capabilities and limitations.
  • Find out how to report bugs, request features, and contribute to improving JHOVE using GitHub.

More information and registration details are available on the imaging.org website.


May 14 : 8:00 AM
May 17 : 5:00 PM


Society for Imaging Science and Technology