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Introducing E-ARK specifications and the E-ARK Web platform

2nd Nov 2016 : 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The first part of the webinar is dedicated to the E-ARK “Common Specification for Information Packages”. This specification defines a standardised set of rules for the structure and use of metadata within any Information Package, regardless of its size, the data it includes or the type of organisations which shall deliver, preserve or reuse it. The aim of the specification is to concentrate on the needs of interoperability and define clearly these technical details which are needed for the exchange of Information Packages between the systems and tools developed by different software providers. During the webinar we will introduce the core concepts and principles behind the Common Specification and call for feedback and uptake.

The second part of the webinar demonstrates the archival repository system E-ARK Web, developed by AIT. E-ARK Web serves as a reference implementation of E-ARK specifications (including the Common Specification) and at the same time offers a digital preservation solution covering the full scope of OAIS. In addition, the E-ARK Web implements Hadoop technologies to provide nearly indefinite scalability in archival processing, preservation and access. The last is being demonstrated by a data mining showcase executed directly on the repository itself.

Session Leads:

  • Andrew Wilson (University of Brighton)
  • Jan Rörden (Austrian Institute of Technology)

About E-ARK:

E-ARK is an EC-funded pilot project that aims to improve the methods and technologies of digital archiving, in order to achieve consistency and interoperability on a Europe-wide scale. The project is running between February 2014 – January 2017 and aims to provide a set of standardised requirements for achieving cross-border and cross-system reusability of archived information. The core focus of the project is the technical standardisation of Information Package specifications to a point that packages created with one tool could be identified, validated and used by any other, therefore opening the possibility for extended practical collaboration and software sharing in the archival community.

In addition, the project aims to update a range of already available tools to support the specifications as well as to pilot these tools in real-life scenarios next to seven established digital repositories. http://www.eark-project.com/

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2nd Nov 2016
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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