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Trustworthiness of Electronic Records: Approaches from Archival Science and Jurisprudence

21st Mar 2019 : 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Public bodies have been generating records for decades and their characteristics are protected if the conditions are well-organised. These records are evidence. Since 2000, almost all institutions have been creating their records in an electronic environment, which raises questions such as:

  • How are the qualities of e-records protected digitally?
  • Can we preserve their authenticity?
  • How does jurisprudence define the archival preservation requirements of electronic records?

These and more questions can be evaluated from the perspective of trustworthiness, a term defined as attributes of authenticity (identity and integrity), reliability, and accuracy. We can see some approaches and definitions related to trustworthiness in recordkeeping standards and they will be assessed in this webinar.

Legislation defines the qualities of evidence and records must be compatible with these qualities. Even though there are discrepancies in legislation between countries, some shared points can be observed. In this webinar, the approaches of archival science and jurisprudence to trustworthiness will be introduced from the perspective of recordkeeping standards and legislation. The need to establish joint work with archivists and legal experts on preserving trustworthiness will also be emphasised.


Özhan Saglik, Bursa Uludag University

Date and time

Thursday 21 March at 14:00 CET/ 13:00 GMT. The webinar will last approximately 1 hour.


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21st Mar 2019
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
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