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Hello!   We recieved a batch of digital images and are not able to define what imageformat they are saved in and what software to render them with. Could you help me with this task and explain how to proceede in such a situation? they have a suffix “.ch” and are fairly large (ca. 18 […]

By angela_a, posted in angela_a's Blog

19th Jul 2011  7:31 AM  13248 Reads  No comments

hello!   anyone who could send me a the LIFE-Cost-Predicting-Tool (and documentation)? I’m rather desperate as I’m looking since month for this tool and I need it urgently. Thanks! angela

By angela_a, posted in angela_a's Blog

19th Jul 2011  7:29 AM  11928 Reads  No comments

The National Archives of the Netherlands have been looking at approaches to preservation of databases for some time, going back at least as far as the Digital Preservation Testbed project (2000-2003).  More recently – in May 2010 – we prepared a case study on database preservation as part of the PLANETS project.  Prompted by recent discussions […]

By Bill Roberts, posted in Bill Roberts's Blog

12th Jul 2011  1:15 PM  68162 Reads  No comments

As a part of the SCAPE project, I’m currently heavily involved in the evaluation of various file format identification tools. The overall aim of this work is to determine which tools are suitable candidates for inclusion in the SCAPE architecture. In addition, we’re also trying to get a better idea of each tool’s specific strengths […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

11th Jul 2011  4:49 PM  21922 Reads  No comments

I attended the DPC’s latest briefing day on Digital Forensics for Preservation in Oxford on the 29th June 2011 and compiled a list of some of the software tools that were mentioned by the various speakers throughout the day. The presenter who mentioned the tool is listed in brackets. A brief note on the purpose […]

By paul, posted in paul's Blog

29th Jun 2011  9:41 AM  20397 Reads  No comments

The Danish National Archives has completed a major migration project of all digital records received before 2000. An evaluation report has now been published in English. It is available here: Evaluation_of_the_Format_and_Structure_Conversion_Project.doc The Danish National Archives is very interested in knowing if any other preservation institutions have accomplished or plan to accomplish similar projects. We would […]

By Jan DS, posted in Jan DS's Blog

28th Jun 2011  7:35 AM  14623 Reads  No comments

This is what the first year of OPF development on the Planets Suite codebase looks like… During the first few moments, as the Planets project ends and OPF winds up, you can see the ‘explosions’ as the Testbed and then Plato are added to the GitHub codebase. Things quieten down over the winter months, with […]

By Andy Jackson, posted in Andy Jackson's Blog

24th Jun 2011  8:51 AM  12396 Reads  No comments

The British Library has hosted the second of the AQuA Project‘s mashup events, bringing together practitioners from Libraries and Archives with digital preservation and technical experts. Following the same format as the first event in Leeds, but scaling up to 30 attendees, 3 days were spent examining content challenges, developing solutions and sharing in the […]

By paul, posted in paul's Blog

16th Jun 2011  5:31 PM  12835 Reads  No comments

I mentioned in this recent post that the next step for our work at the Nationaal Archief on representation information registries was to prepare a set of guidelines on publishing representation information, with the aim of making sure that we can easily make use of each other’s published knowledge. A couple of weeks ago I […]

By Bill Roberts, posted in Bill Roberts's Blog

16th Jun 2011  1:13 PM  14566 Reads  No comments

The JPEG 2000 compression standard is steadily becoming more and more popular in the archival community. Several large (national) libraries are now using the JP2 format (which corresponds to Part 1 of the standard) as the master format in mass digitisation projects. However, some aspects of the JP2 file format are defined in ways that […]

By johan, posted in johan's Blog

6th Jun 2011  10:11 AM  21474 Reads  3 Comments