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We have recently started some research at Archives New Zealand  to investigate the best approaches for appraising, transferring (where relevant) and preserving databases. As part of this research we will be undertaking case studies of a number of databases. The case studies will involve a number of aspects including where possible testing one or more […]

By Euan Cochrane, posted in Euan Cochrane's Blog

23rd Apr 2012  9:33 PM  26363 Reads  7 Comments

…or at least part of this dream. Recently, the KEEP project released its final version of the Emulation Framework (2.0). This software is now available for free and open source on Since 2004, I’ve been working with others to make emulation more than just a technique of running old computer platforms. Emulation is great […]

By jrvanderhoeven, posted in jrvanderhoeven's Blog

29th Mar 2012  4:38 PM  22325 Reads  2 Comments

Maintaining the ability of an organisation or user to be able to “open” or “render” a file or set of files is one of the core digital preservation challenges. The Rendering Matters Report outlines the results of research conducted at Archives New Zealand investigating whether changes are introduced to the information that is presented to users when […]

By Euan Cochrane, posted in Euan Cochrane's Blog

2nd Feb 2012  3:42 AM  13690 Reads  3 Comments

The bwFLA project (Baden-Wuerttemberg Functional Longterm Archiving and Access) is a two-year state sponsored project with the goal of defining and providing a practical implementation of archival workflows for the rendering of digital objects (i.e. easily accessed by users) in its original environment (i.e. application). Thereby, the project focuses on supporting the user during object […]

By Isgandar Valizada, posted in Isgandar Valizada's Blog

15th Dec 2011  5:11 PM  13048 Reads  No comments

Following up on the idea of system imaging or "snapshotting" discussed in a previous post and presented at this year’s iPRES 2011, a general concept of long-term sustainable computer systems could emerge. Why not take emulation into consideration when designing future systems and defining their requirements? A seamless process would allow for systems that were […]

By Dirk von Suchodoletz, posted in Dirk von Suchodoletz's Blog

28th Nov 2011  9:39 PM  19469 Reads  No comments

The typical reading room computer in libraries, archives and often museums is equipped with a way for patrons to search and browse the institutions catalogues and digital collections. The digital collections are often rather restricted by the systems to making accessible only a few of today’s multimedia formats and documents types (for example PDF, jpeg […]

By Dirk von Suchodoletz, posted in Dirk von Suchodoletz's Blog

17th Nov 2011  9:42 AM  13003 Reads  No comments

Emulation requires disk images to be provided and used for the main hard drive of emulated computers. These disk images can be captured from old hard drives as discussed here. In order to automate aspects of running these disk images in an emulator a tool is needed that tells us which emulators would be compatible with […]

By Euan Cochrane, posted in Euan Cochrane's Blog

9th Nov 2011  12:08 AM  17057 Reads  2 Comments

Digital objects are often more complex than their common perception as individual files or small sets of files. Standard digital preservation methods can lose important parts, or the context of digital objects. Interestingly enough thousands of miles apart Maurice van den Dobbelsteen (The Netherlands) and Euan Cochrane (New Zealand) simultaneously proposed a new approach to […]

By Dirk von Suchodoletz, posted in Dirk von Suchodoletz's Blog

27th Oct 2011  9:45 PM  14982 Reads  No comments

Emulation services for direct user access often require more effort than simply providing the appropriate emulator and system image. Usually, the average visitor to memory institutions is not familiar with past computer architectures and their operating function. Thus, our goal is to research different approaches to creating automated access to the different digital artefacts users […]

By Dirk von Suchodoletz, posted in Dirk von Suchodoletz's Blog

7th Oct 2011  10:29 AM  12020 Reads  No comments

There is a very first test available for a emulation based Word Perfect 6 to RTF file migration. A PLANETS web service running in Freiburg could be invoked by OPF partners running a PLANETS instance by adding an external resource. Just add the WSDL file of UfcMigrate The URL will change over the time […]

By Dirk von Suchodoletz, posted in Dirk von Suchodoletz's Blog

1st Sep 2011  2:56 PM  17244 Reads  No comments