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Prendre en charge correctement du JPEG 32 bits Une histoire haute en couleur d’Alix Bruys, Bertrand Caron, Yannick Grandcolas et Thomas Ledoux de la Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) [Note : This blog is the french version of the JPEG got the Blues blog] Le contexte : acquisition de photographies nativement numériques de théâtres parisiens […]

By tledoux, posted in tledoux's Blog

9th Nov 2019  1:47 PM  303 Reads  No comments

Properly Rendering 32-bits JPEG A colorful story by Alix Bruys, Bertrand Caron, Yannick Grandcolas and Thomas Ledoux from the National Library of France (BnF) [Note : Ce billet existe en version française sous le titre Le blues du JPEG.] The Context: Acquired Born-Digital Photographs of Parisian Theaters On October the 20th of 2017, the Department […]

By tledoux, posted in tledoux's Blog

7th Nov 2019  8:01 AM  815 Reads  No comments

We are excited to announce that our next hack week will take place on 14-18 October! We’re joining in with Hacktoberfest to celebrate and encourage meaningful contributions to open source software.  This hack week will focus on documentation. We are looking for volunteers to help update resources to support users with our open source reference […]

By Becky McGuinness, posted in Becky McGuinness's Blog

14th Oct 2019  12:00 AM  0 Reads  No comments

The next OPF tech clinic will take place on Thursday 12 September. The tech clinic offers OPF members the opportunity to book one-to-one online sessions to discuss any technical aspects of your work. This might include: getting started with OPF tools, e.g. installation and basic usage; help with integrating open source tools into local automated […]

By Becky McGuinness, posted in Becky McGuinness's Blog

12th Sep 2019  10:00 AM  0 Reads  No comments

This webinar will provide a user’s guide as to what’s changed in the latest version of v1.14. We will cover: What are the fixes and new features in veraPDF: border cases in PDF/A validation performance and interface improvements documentation clean up What does this mean for users? How do you report a bug or request […]

By Becky McGuinness, posted in Becky McGuinness's Blog

2nd Jul 2019  2:00 PM  0 Reads  No comments

OPF Hack Week Summary It’s now over two weeks since the OPF JHOVE Hack Week finished, though following the Easter break it doesn’t feel that long ago. The OPF are currently reviewing and merging the contributions we received. The review seems a good opportunity to write a quick blog post to give an overview of […]

By Carl Wilson, posted in Carl Wilson's Blog

30th Apr 2019  3:08 PM  916 Reads  No comments

Following the success of our previous JHOVE hack days, we will be running two online hack weeks during 2019. The first, which will take place on 8-12 April, will focus on development. We are planning a second hack week in September, with a goal to update and create new documentation. What’s the goal? The aim […]

By Becky McGuinness, posted in Becky McGuinness's Blog

8th Apr 2019  12:00 AM  0 Reads  No comments

A second JHOVE release candidate is available today, 2 April 2019. It contains fixes for the following bugs found in the first test phase. Please download the new release candidate and report any issues by 9 April. While refactoring the repetition in the module checksumming, a bug was introduced in the XML module. This prevented […]

By Carl Wilson, posted in Carl Wilson's Blog

2nd Apr 2019  2:02 PM  10078 Reads  No comments

This half-day workshop will provide participants with an understanding of what JHOVE does, how to install and configure the software and how to interpret the results. JHOVE is an open source file format identification, validation and characterisation tool for digital preservation, and part of the OPF reference toolset. It can be used by itself or […]

By Becky McGuinness, posted in Becky McGuinness's Blog

25th Jan 2019  9:00 AM  0 Reads  No comments

Overview This webinar will explore the OPF reference toolset and show a generic view of how the OPF tools can map to a digital preservation process workflow. We will also present the new roadmap plans for the tools under our stewardship and explain how you can follow their progress and contribute to improving the tools. […]

By Becky McGuinness, posted in Becky McGuinness's Blog

20th Sep 2018  2:00 PM  0 Reads  No comments