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As a first encounter with database archiving, FoxPro is a nice challenge. This is the story of our first database archiving attempt. The archive institution received a PC as part of a journalist’s archive and amongst other things there was a custom-made database application installed on it. While the PC was still working, it was […]

By Kris Dekeyser, posted in Kris Dekeyser's Blog

13th Feb 2012  12:35 PM  26915 Reads  7 Comments

Maintaining the ability of an organisation or user to be able to “open” or “render” a file or set of files is one of the core digital preservation challenges. The Rendering Matters Report outlines the results of research conducted at Archives New Zealand investigating whether changes are introduced to the information that is presented to users when […]

By Euan Cochrane, posted in Euan Cochrane's Blog

2nd Feb 2012  3:42 AM  13546 Reads  3 Comments

Following up on the idea of system imaging or "snapshotting" discussed in a previous post and presented at this year’s iPRES 2011, a general concept of long-term sustainable computer systems could emerge. Why not take emulation into consideration when designing future systems and defining their requirements? A seamless process would allow for systems that were […]

By Dirk von Suchodoletz, posted in Dirk von Suchodoletz's Blog

28th Nov 2011  9:39 PM  19051 Reads  No comments

Digital objects are often more complex than their common perception as individual files or small sets of files. Standard digital preservation methods can lose important parts, or the context of digital objects. Interestingly enough thousands of miles apart Maurice van den Dobbelsteen (The Netherlands) and Euan Cochrane (New Zealand) simultaneously proposed a new approach to […]

By Dirk von Suchodoletz, posted in Dirk von Suchodoletz's Blog

27th Oct 2011  9:45 PM  14856 Reads  No comments

There is little doubt, that a predictive costing tool would be usefull to plan and manage the preservation of digital content, in fact it should be indisspensible to most archives, one should be inclined to think.Predicting future costs is allways difficult, every prediction can only be accurate to a certain point, as we cannot fortell […]

By angela_a, posted in angela_a's Blog

3rd Aug 2011  9:28 AM  18715 Reads  No comments

Research Activities and Open Questions at Archives New Zealand At Archives New Zealand we are currently working on a number of digital preservation research activities including: The collation of a sample set of files for use in testing tools and approaches and other digital preservation experiments.  Documenting software applications and environments. Developing an evidence base of […]

By Euan Cochrane, posted in Euan Cochrane's Blog

18th May 2011  11:06 PM  22770 Reads  No comments