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The latest version of veraPDF is now available to download. This release includes new PDF information in the features report and automatic configuration of the features extractor when applying custom policy profiles. There are also a number of low level PDF fixes and improvements which are documented in the latest release notes: This is the […]

JHOVE 1.16.7 has been released which fixes a bug introduced in version 1.16. A NullPointerException was being thrown when trying to validate the Index entry of any CrossRefStream dictionary. The Exceptions were hidden by the method’s overly general exception handling, and even though the containing method was returning false, and ending file validation, no errors […]

The Open Preservation Foundation is pleased to welcome Arcsys Software as its newest affiliate member. Arcsys Software is a software company specialising in records management and preservation of born-digital assets. The Arcsys suite allows users to create a long-term warehouse of all digital business information in order to perpetuate assets, manage lifecycle and risks related […]

The latest release of veraPDF is available to download. The validation logic and test corpus of veraPDF 1.6 have been updated to comply with the resolutions of the PDF Association’s PDF Validation Technical Working Group (TWG). The TWG brings together PDF technology experts to analyse PDF validation issues in a transparent way. It also connects […]

The Open Preservation Foundation is pleased to welcome Ex Libris as its newest charter member. Ex Libris’ Rosetta is an end-to-end digital asset management and preservation solution for libraries, archives, museums and other institutions, enabling institutions to safely and securely collect, manage, publish, deliver, and ensure longevity for digital information of many different types. With […]

The Open Preservation Foundation is looking for an experienced, motivated and visionary leader to fill the position of Executive Director. The Foundation is an international not for profit membership organisation providing open source digital preservation technology and knowledge to memory institutions around the world. _______________________________________________________________ Job title:​ Executive Director Hours:​ Part­ time (24 hours/week) Contract […]

We are pleased to announce that the new release of veraPDF is available. veraPDF 1.4 has a new GUI wizard for creating custom policy files. Significant performance optimisations have been made to the greenfield PDF parser. Other fixes and improvements are documented in the release notes: Download veraPDF The greenfield version is available here, […]

The latest version of JHOVE is now available to download. JHOVE is an open source file format identification, validation and characterisation tool for digital preservation. JHOVE 1.16 contains fixes and better handling of files in the PDF and WAV modules. Other improvements include: Using string constants for PDF module, XML module, and HTML module error […]

The latest version of veraPDF is now available. This release is the first of the PREFORMA testing phase.The release is focused on bug fixing and improvements of the test infrastructure: Conformance checker fixed cache issues in parsing embedded CMaps fixed multiple issues with validation of font subsets fixed delimiter handling in parsing content streams ignore […]

veraPDF has successfully completed the prototyping phase in the PREFORMA project and has been awarded the contract for the six month testing phase. veraPDF is an open-source industry-supported PDF/A validator. Led by the Open Preservation Foundation and the PDF Association, veraPDF validates all parts and conformance levels of ISO 19005 (PDF/A). The testing phase will […]