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We have a winner!


This week Bill Roberts, Asger Blekinge, Andy Jackson, Paul Wheatley, Bram van der Werf and I attended the DevCSI Developer Days in London. Next to...

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Why can’t we have digital preservation tools that just work?


One of my first blogs here covered an evaluation of a number of format identification tools. One of the more surprising results of that work...

Format Registry Challenge, Part Three

Ross King

Somewhat later than planned, I present here my final installment on the Format Registry Challenge. During this “experiment” I have spent some time becoming acquainted...

Siegfried – a PRONOM-based, file format identification tool


Ok. I know what you’re thinking. Do we really need another PRONOM-based, file format identification tool? A year or so I might have said “no”...

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Improved identification of XML: a Python experiment


As a part of the SCAPE project, I’m currently heavily involved in the evaluation of various file format identification tools. The overall aim of this...

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Algorithms and signatures

adam farquhar

During the past couple of weeks, there have been some thoughtful and well-informed discussions about Fido, Droid, Pronom, and file format identification in the comment...