Adopt our digital preservation tools and collaborate in open source development.

Our new strategy was published in 2018. One of our main areas of focus is to shape the existing tools under our stewardship which led us to create the OPF reference toolset. OPF tools address common issues that are faced by many organisations and we provide a mechanism to focus mutual effort and resources into […]

One of our aims is to create a community for developers that is supportive and fun to work in. We provide an infrastructure to support collaborative, agile development of software. This section covers our community development principles and practices, drawing together material which was previously available in various places and forms.

We steward software which we consider to be mature products ready for use in production environments and workflows. We also look after incubator software in OPF-Labs. Take a look at our software maturity model which describes the criteria for incubator and production software. Product Board Our development is guided by our Product Board, comprising OPF members. […]

We believe in improving the quality of open source digital preservation tools through good software development practices. A key practice is public testing of software using continuous integration services. For this to be effective shareable test corpora that represent the real world issues facing the community are needed. This page lists corpora that we’ve used […]