Draft guidelines on publishing representation information

Draft guidelines on publishing representation information

I mentioned in this recent post that the next step for our work at the Nationaal Archief on representation information registries was to prepare a set of guidelines on publishing representation information, with the aim of making sure that we can easily make use of each other’s published knowledge.

A couple of weeks ago I finished an early draft of this document (with more questions than answers!) and send it round to OPF members and a few others we’ve been collaborating closely with.  That has given me some useful feedback that I am starting to incorporate into a more polished draft.

More feedback is always better though!  V0.1 is attached to this post – I’d very much welcome comments on this, either in comments on this post, or by email to [email protected].  For such guidelines to be useful they need to have broad acceptance and so it would be great to get as much input as possible at this early stage.

Holidays will cause a bit of delay in producing the next version, but I’ll post it here when it’s ready – probably in the second half of July.


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