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The OPF was founded as a collaborative initiative, and working with others continues to be an essential part of our approach to developing practical solutions and best practice. We choose to work on projects that align with our member priorities and our open source philosophy, delivering benefits to the whole community. Over the years, we have also established a number of successful partnerships with organisations that share our values and objectives. United by common goals, we work with these alliances to pool resources and specialist knowledge, engage in dialogues that open new perspectives, and avoid duplication of effort. 

As a rapidly developing field, digital preservation research and development often results in the creation of prototypes, and we recognise the significant gap between a project outcome and a mature, functional product. Leading by example, we encourage participation in collaborative initiatives between our members, our partners, and the wider community. We believe that bringing people together to address existing and emerging challenges in long-term preservation helps to ensure a sustainable future for the tools and knowledge relied upon by organisations undertaking digital preservation today.

What we’re working on

Digital preservation is constantly growing and changing, and we support the latest developments in the field by participating in select national and international projects. Whether providing coordination or technical leadership, offering solutions for sustainability, or building open source communities through our engagement and outreach activities, our current projects represent the cutting edge of the digital preservation landscape.

People we work with

We believe that collaboration is essential to advancing digital preservation. We work with partner organisations to share expertise, align effort and deliver joint activities.


OPF has extensive experience carrying out code reviews and software maturity assessments for open source projects. We also work with members and selected partners to carry out digital preservation consultancy work.

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