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25 Feb

The tech clinic offers OPF members the opportunity to book one-to-one online sessions to discuss any technical aspects of your work. This might include: getting started with OPF tools, e.g. installation and basic usage; help with integrating open source tools into local automated workflows and systems; investigating problems and issues with open source tools; assistance with open source development best practices; and general software development advice including tutorials for beginners. We welcome suggestions for other topics and ideas. Sessions will…

26 Feb

Following a recent overhaul of the OPF’s Release Management (RM) process, the new and improved system enables the Foundation to manage the tools in the OPF reference toolset with improved consistency and greater transparency. As a result, we are now able to deliver long-term product planning and reliable release plans. This webinar will introduce the simplified process and will cover: The OPF product release plan for 2019 and the release drivers for 2020 Collaboration with our product partners and contributors…

05 Mar

A user’s guide to what’s changed in the latest v1.22 JHOVE release, highlights include: permanent identifiers used for reporting JHOVE errors, no more string matching to detect errors; changes to GeoTIFF, TIFF white-balance, and AES audio metadata; and decoupling and full versioning of format modules to allow individual modules to be updated independently of JHOVE. We’ll also present one or two features under consideration for JHOVE v1.24 later in the year. The webinar will be about 40 minutes long with time…

13 Mar

The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) is revolutionising access to digital objects of cultural heritage, by providing a standard for viewers and servers to implement. Hundreds of institutions (including many European National Libraries) are making their collections available using the new standard. As well as reducing costs of implementation, the emergence of IIIF for publishing digital objects (digitised books, maps, manuscripts, archives, artworks) is driving innovation and opening up new research possibilities for annotation, crowdsourcing and machine learning across collections.…

19 Mar

As Virtual and Augmented Reality become part of the artists’ toolkit, museums and galleries are tackling the issue of how to collect, preserve and curate Virtual Reality artworks, ensuring they have a life beyond the present. Vanishing Point: The Curation and Preservation of Virtual Reality is a one-day conference that brings together industry experts from the BBC, Tate, V&A and BFI to discuss the challenges of preserving new media and look towards possible solutions. Speakers will include keynotes from Tom…

21 Mar

Public bodies have been generating records for decades and their characteristics are protected if the conditions are well-organised. These records are evidence. Since 2000, almost all institutions have been creating their records in an electronic environment, which raises questions such as: How are the qualities of e-records protected digitally? Can we preserve their authenticity? How does jurisprudence define the archival preservation requirements of electronic records? These and more questions can be evaluated from the perspective of trustworthiness, a term defined…

08 May
10 May

The International DATeCH (Digital Access to Textual Cultural Heritage) conference brings together researchers and practitioners seeking innovative approaches for the creation, transformation and exploitation of historical documents in digital form. This interdisciplinary conference takes place at the intersection of computer science, (digital) humanities, and cultural heritage studies. The DATeCH 2019 is jointly organised by IMPACT Centre of Competence, Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal, DARIAH-BE and CLARIN-Flanders. For full details of the Call for Papers are available on the DATeCH 2019…

14 May
17 May

Archiving 2019 takes place in Lisbon from 14-17 May, 2019. The conference, which is on the theme of Digitization, Preservation, and Access, will be of interest to imaging experts and technicians as well as curators, managers, and researchers from libraries, archives, museums, records management repositories, information technology institutions, and commercial enterprises. The conference presents the latest research results on digitization and curation, provides a forum to explore new strategies and policies, and reports on successful projects that can serve as benchmarks in the…

21 May
22 May

The Swiss Federal Archives are pleased to invite the members of the DLM Forum to their Annual General Meeting in Bern. The AGM will take place on 21-22 May, 2019.

22 May
23 May

The 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Open Preservation Foundation will take place on 22-23 May in Den Haag, Netherlands, kindly co-hosted by the Nationaal Archief and the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. We invite two representatives from your organisation to join the meeting – please put the dates in your diaries! The AGM presents an opportunity to review the Foundation’s work over the past year and shape priorities for the year ahead. It is also an occasion to connect with other…

03 Jun
04 Jun

The inaugural Heritage Dot conference ‘Joining the Dots: Partnerships, Participation and Platforms’ will take place on 3-4 June 2019 at the University of Lincoln. Heritage Dot explores the exciting collision between the worlds of digital tools and technology and cultural heritage. This fusion is creating new relationships between past and future, tradition and innovation. It is enabling new audiences to reinterpret the past and technologies of the future to reimagine professional practice. At the same time, its continually evolving nature…

05 Jun
07 Jun

The International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC) Web Archiving Conference is an international forum which provides a unique opportunity for web archiving practitioners, researchers, developers, and those starting out in web archiving, to come together to share experience, disseminate knowledge, promote activities and network. The National and University Library in Zagreb (NSK) will host the 2019 IIPC General Assembly (GA) and Web Archiving Conference (WAC). The General Assembly (#iipcGA19) will be held in the Westin Hotel Zagreb,  on 5 June 2019, followed by the Web Archiving…

10 Jun
13 Jun

The Open Repositories Steering Committee in conjunction with Universität Hamburg is very pleased to announce that the 14th Open Repositories Conference will be held in Hamburg, Germany from 10-13 June 2019 at Universität Hamburg. The annual Open Repositories Conference is a practitioner-based conference that brings together people from higher education, government, libraries, archives and museums to focus on repository infrastructure, tools, services, and policies. The Conference provides a forum for delegates from around the world to explore the challenges and opportunities that…

26 Jun
28 Jun

Held in Dublin from 26-28 June 2019, the conference brings library directors and their staff together for three days of networking and collaboration. The goal of the conference is to identify the most pressing needs for research libraries, and to share information and ideas for addressing those needs. Before the main conference, many delegates join workshops and meetings for LIBER Working Groups, and following the conference social events such as tours of the area are arranged for those who wish to…

08 Jul
12 Jul

The Liverpool University Centre for Archive Studies (LUCAS), together with the UK and Republic of Ireland’s Forum for Archives and Records Management Education and Research (FARMER) will host the eleventh annual Archival Education and Research Institute (AERI) from 8 – 12 July 2019 in Liverpool, UK. These week-long annual working institutes are designed to strengthen education and research and support academic cohort-building and mentoring. Institutes are open to all academic staff and students at all levels working in archival studies, as…

16 Sep
20 Sep

The 16th International Conference on Digital Preservation (iPRES 2019) will take place on 16-20 September 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Central Theme The main theme in 2019 is Eye on the Horizon and aims to broaden the voices and approaches participating in the conference. In this spirit, the iPRES 2019 Programme Committee invited the digital preservation community to share their ideas in a Participatory #iPRES2019 Programme Design. The other official conference themes are: Collaboration: a Necessity, an Opportunity or a Luxury? Designing and Delivering Sustainable…

03 Oct
05 Oct

PRESERVE THE LEGACY. CELEBRATE THE FUTURE. The CCAAA will hold its 2019 Joint Technical Symposium on 3-5 October 2019 at the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Hilversum, The Netherlands. The Joint Technical Symposium (JTS) is an international scientific and technical event dealing with matters of particular importance to audiovisual archives and archivists. Organized every few years since 1983 by the member organizations now forming the Coordinating Council of Audiovisual Archiving Associations (CCAAA), it provides an opportunity for colleagues around the world and those interested in…

07 Oct
11 Oct

Early Bird registration is now available for next year’s Islandoracon, taking place 7 – 11th October in Vancouver, BC, Canada. This will be the third time the Islandora community has come together for a full-week conference. Islandoracon is five full days of Islandora content: Monday, October 7th: Pre-Conference and Half-Day Workshops Tuesday, October 8th: Main Conference Sessions Wednesday, October 9th: Main Conference Sessions Thursday, October 10th: Main Conference Workshops Friday, October 11th: Hack/Doc For more information about Islandoracon, the call…

21 Oct
25 Oct

The International Council on Archives will hold their annual conference from 21-25 March 2019 in Adelaide, South Australia. The conference theme Designing the Archive is about putting people at the centre of what we do. It provides an opportunity to explore how data and information managers, records managers and archivists are using, or can use, human-centred design approaches to ensure we deliver benefits to citizens, customers, stakeholders and communities. The program aims to explore the use of empathy, creativity, innovation, experimentation, prototyping,…

24 Oct
25 Oct

What: 2019 BitCurator Users Forum When: October 24-25, 2019 Where: BitCurator Consortium member Yale University About the Forum The BitCurator Users Forum brings together representatives from libraries, archives, museums, and related information professions engaged in (or considering) digital forensics work to acquire, better understand, and make available born-digital materials. The two-day forum will balance discussion of theory and practice of digital forensics and related digital analysis workflows with hands-on activities for users at all levels of experience with the BitCurator environment,…