Latest release: 1.30 Release (June, 2024)

JHOVE is an open source, extensible software framework for identification, validation, and characterisation.

The software is implemented as a Java application and is usable on any Unix, Windows, or OS X platform with appropriate Java installation. 

It is available in three forms:

  1. Command line Tool – used by researchers and practitioners / embedded in DP workflows.
  2. Desktop GUI – file at a time interface, aimed at general users wanting to try JHOVE.
  3. JHOVE API – used by developers embedding JHOVE in their own projects.

OPF adopted JHOVE in 2015. The original JHOVE project was a collaboration between JSTOR and Harvard University Library with funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation for the Electronic-Archiving Initiative.


We run regular hack weeks which bring together member and community contributors to make improvements to JHOVE for the benefit of all users. Contributions can be code fixes and feature development, but we also welcome help with improving the error messages, translations, and updating user guides and documentation.

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