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Make your mark on the future of digital preservation

The diversity of the OPF membership presents opportunities for knowledge exchange and collaboration with an influential network of practitioners, and your membership does more than enable you to become part of this network: it’s a chance to make a difference by securing its future.

Join our global platform for collective action. As a member, you play a leading role in the development of the industry, promoting growth and innovation by ensuring that our work is aligned with the community’s priorities. OPF membership puts you in a position to influence the direction of the Foundation.

Help others on their digital preservation journey

Digital preservation is constantly evolving: different challenges are frequently emerging and there’s always something new to learn. Our global membership brings people together to establish and enhance best practice. Becoming an OPF member is a valuable way to meaningfully enrich knowledge and contribute to the creation of new resources for everyone.

Ensure the best possible support for the software you depend on

The products in our reference toolset are available under open source licences, meaning that they are free to download, to use and to modify to meet your needs. Our products are relied upon by thousands of users worldwide, but resources are limited and every member helps us to expand and improve our reference toolset for all.

Membership fees go towards the costs of hosting, development effort, community building and the creation of documentation, user guides and training materials for our products.

Become a member and steer tool adoption, influence the product roadmaps and ensure that the fixes and new feature requests that matter to you are prioritised.

Accomplish more in an inclusive and welcoming environment

Digital preservation can pose challenges that are too large or complex for any one organisation to address. Working together to tackle the long-term preservation of digital information, our members form a community of experts with a common cause and years of collective experience.

Membership is open to everyone. We foster an environment that enables our members to empower one another by sharing their experiences and lessons learned. Be it a recent success, an obstacle you are facing, or how you are working to overcome a particular challenge, our collaborative and inclusive membership is a place to learn and enhance your own practice.

The growth of our membership means we can fund new resources, offer greater opportunities for collaboration, and stronger, more sustainable solutions to prevalent challenges. Don’t face digital preservation alone: join us and achieve more, together.

Support an open, sustainable approach to digital preservation

At OPF, we work tirelessly in pursuit of our vision for open, sustainable digital preservation, and we encourage all who share our vision to join us.

When you join the OPF, your priorities become our priorities. We put our members at the heart of what we do, and every decision we make is taken with your interests in mind. We will provide your organisation with the practical tools and resources you need, shine a light on your work, and provide access to an international and influential network.

By joining us, you support openness and sustainability for the whole community, demonstrating your commitment to the future of our field.

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