Latest release: 1.26 (May 2024)

veraPDF is the first complete open source PDF/A validator, covering all parts of the PDF/A standards. It comprises four components:

  • An implementation checker, which validates all parts and conformance levels of the PDF/A specifications
  • A policy checker, which allows users to implement additional custom checks to enforce institutional policy beyond the PDF/A specifications
  • A reporter, which processes the results, producing both human-readable and machine-parsable reports
  • A metadata fixer, which repairs metadata in files based on conformance with the standard

The software is accompanied by a comprehensive, atomic test corpus, covering each clause in the PDF/A specifications.

VeraPDF is implemented as a Java application and is usable on any Unix, Windows, or OS X platform with appropriate Java installation

veraPDF was originally developed with funding from the PREFORMA project (2014-2017). In 2018, it was a finalist for the Digital Preservation Awards 2018 in the Software Sustainability Institute’s Award for Research and Innovation.


Dual Lab was instrumental in developing veraPDF and continues to provide active user support and regular application updates. The PDF Association’s PDF Validation Technical Working Group resolves ambiguities arising from veraPDF’s usage in the field and advocates for the adoption of PDF/A and veraPDF by developers worldwide.

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