About Leading the way for open sustainable digital preservation


The OPF was established in 2010 to sustain the outcomes of an EU-funded research and development project called Planets. One of the first organisations of its kind, the Foundation’s goal was to build on the project’s collaborative, practical approach to advancing digital preservation.

In 2014 the OPF changed its name from the Open Planets Foundation to the Open Preservation Foundation to reflect our evolution and relevance within a growing field. The OPF operates as an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation, welcoming digital preservation practitioners from around the world to our open source community.

Today, collaboration and sustainability remain at the heart of what we do. Our small team serves our members and the community by providing practical digital preservation solutions and facilitating best practice that supports enduring access to digital collections.


Our vision: Open sustainable digital preservation


Enabling shared solutions for effective and efficient digital preservation; the Open Preservation Foundation leads a collaborative effort to create, maintain and develop the reference set of sustainable, open source digital preservation tools and supporting resources.

This set of tools (including software and standards) enables organisations to evaluate, validate, document, mitigate risk, and process digital content to be preserved in line with desired policies and community best practice.


These guiding principles underpin our goals and how we set about achieving them.


Sustainability through an open source philosophy


Empowering our members to make a difference


Leading global, cutting-edge initiatives

Collaborative & inclusive

Advancing digital preservation together


Developed in collaboration with our members, the strategy establishes OPF’s position in the digital preservation landscape and sets out key areas of focus. As well as providing a roadmap to achieving our aims and objectives, this strategy enables us to measure our success and guides the future direction of the Foundation.

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