The final SCAPE developers workshop in The Hague

Challenges of Dumping/Imaging old IDE Disks

The third and final SCAPE developers workshop was held at the Royal Dutch Library in The Hague on 23-25 April. This workshop was the final opportunity to work together face to face in a large group, since we are getting closer to the end of the project in September.

The  workshop objectives were to identify and develop demonstrators for our workshop at the DL2014 Conference in September -more info will follow- and the final EC review, to continue working towards sustaining our work beyond the project and to bring everyone together to enable productive work on project deliverables.

In order to get as much work done as possible, we decided to work roughly according to Kanban methods. There were only a few presentations to start up the process, everything was on the TODO/DOING/DONE boards and we had regular stand up moments to update progress on the boards.


And this is what KANBAN – the SCAPE way looked like:


At the beginning of the workshop: TO DO and DOING…             ..and the DONE board at the final stand up!


There was a focus on the Productization of the SCAPE tools. In preparation to the workshop tools were tested on user-friendliness. This was used as input to work on the maturity of tools.

A lot of work was also done on the demonstrators. What will be presented and how? How can we integrate our main SCAPE messages? It was good to be able to discuss this together and to come up with an outline for further preparation.

Working from input gathered at the All Staff Meeting in February a lot of the last documentation gaps were filled. This means we can now publish tool microsites, for which a template was developed in preparation to this workshop. 

All in all we can look back on three very productive days. The Kanban boards turned out to work as expected, and as always it was good to meet many other SCAPErs in a good  atmosphere. Not only during the working days but also afterwards. I'm confident we can continue this in the coming months!


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