MP4, MP3, AVI, who checks ?

MP4, MP3, AVI, who checks ?

Ever since I started working on digital files validation, it seems as if nobody cares about MP4, MP3 and AVI files.

Some people suggested to use MediaInfo or Ffmpeg to proceed their files validation. I may be wrong, but it doesn’t sound enough for me. With a command line, leading to the file conversion, I don’t really think the validation result is as sure as PDF or JPEG or other types of formats. One limitation of this practice was found when I tried to check a mpeg4 file which had no sound.

I don’t know how PREFORMA selected the formats to validate trough the tool under development. I think experts in this domain should share with the entire community a comparative survey on different types of media formats with their strong and weak points.

MKV files can now be validated trough MKValidator, and it’s a good news for those who archive them. I’m sure many people are concerned with this issue, but I don’t still understand why nobody highlights it. I may have searched the answers to this problem at the wrong places, to err is human.

If you read this post, and you have any idea of media files validation apart from MKV, please just let me know.


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