The Planets Suite and MySQL

The Planets Suite and MySQL

Following three and a half very enjoyable years working on Planets, I’m now tasked with integrating some of the Planets software with the Digital Library System here at The British Library.

While some of the work I’ll be doing over the next few months will be quite BL centric, a good deal of it will end up on

I’ve just finished setting up a new Planets instance for development, and have decided to move away from the current database configuration, which is:

  • Hypersonic for the JBoss system.
  • Derby for the IF / Jackrabbit database persistence
  • Derby or MySQL for the Testbed
  • MySQL for Plato

The BL server instance is now configured to use MySQL for all database persistence.  There’ll be a HOW TO and a set of configuration files / scripts on SourceForge soon.


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