RODA DB conversion command line tool

RODA DB conversion command line tool

Yesterday, some of the demos I have prepared didn’t run as intended mainly because I was accessing too many servers at the same time and at a certain point I start mixing things a bit…

Normally, in a conversion process you won’t have to deal with a set servers, just one, what will be quite easy because you only have to focus on the requirements of that specific database server.

After the session I spent a few more hours on the wiki page. I reorganized it, I have attached sample databases, generated DBML packages, I joined the requirements for each server for each demo, etc.

I still be working on this wiki for several days but its current content can already help you to get the command line tool running…

Have it a try:

And tell me about your suggestions, problems, etc.

As future work I will be looking into changing the intermediate representation from DBML to SIARD.




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