The SCAPE Developers Workshop in BRNO

The SCAPE Developers Workshop in BRNO

First day of the meeting: lots of presentations











From Tuesday 19th November until Thursday 21st November the internal SCAPE Developer’s Workshop was held at the Brno University of Technology.

The overall aims of the workshop were diverse. First of all to get everyone, in particular new partners, up-to-speed and aligned with project work and developments. Second to get a clear understanding of how the new partners' work and existing project work will integrate and what needs to be done to make this happen. Furthermore to identify, understand and work at issues surrounding PT/PC/PW integration and last but not least to productise existing SCAPE tools. 

It is always good to meet so many SCAPErs and to work together face to face. It was really inspiring to hear all the demonstrations and presentations and to get a good overview of all the SCAPE activities. The overall feeling was very positive, there were lots of discussions and everyone worked very hard on the needed next steps in this last year of SCAPE.


I was there as a representative of the Take Up sub project. My main focus was the productization of the SCAPE tools and the need for more general information about the tools and SCAPE overall. It was good to see that this need for productization was recognized and we immediately started working on adjusting the Readme files. There will be more follow up actions  to get all the general information in place but the Workshop was a good start to address a lot of important SCAPErs: the developers.

This was just one of the many, many things that people were working on.

Overall, it was a good Workshop and our new partner Brno University made sure that we felt very welcome: the hosting was excellent in this former cloister.  




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