Taverna 2.3.0 Workbench and Command Line Tool Release

Taverna 2.3.0 Workbench and Command Line Tool Release

The Taverna team are pleased to announce the release of the Taverna Workbench 2.3.0, a suite of tools used for graphical design and execution of workflows. It is available for download from http://www.taverna.org.uk/download/workbench/2-3/.

Here are a few of the new features in the Workbench:

  • REST services allowing you to perform GET, POST, PUT and DELETE operations configured using a template.
  • XPath services where you can create an XPath expression from an example XML document.
  • Tool services that allows you to run external commands or scripts as part of your workflow.
  • Searching and browsing of service catalogues, such as the BioCatalogue, and addition of those services to your Workbench or workflow.
  • Experimental export of provenance in the Open Provenance Model and Janus formats.

Taverna 2.3.0 also includes the Command Line Tool that allows you to execute workflows outside of the Workbench. The Command Line Tool is available either as a stand-alone download from http://www.taverna.org.uk/download/command-line-tool/2-3/ or bundled with the Workbench.

Documentation on Taverna is available from http://www.taverna.org.uk/documentation/taverna-2-x/. A quick start guide is available as part of the User Manual to quickly get you up to speed with creating and running workflows.

If you want to contact the Taverna team, see http://www.taverna.org.uk/about/contact-us/ or send your questions directly to [email protected].

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