UfcMigrate Service Now Available

UfcMigrate Service Now Available

The UfcMigrate originally developed for the PLANETS project utilizes the idea of performing a migration by interactive session replaying in emulated original environments. According to this approach the format migration process is carried out by computer interaction with the graphical user interface of the applications. Their capability of exporting the loaded digital objects in a format other than their initial format is used for that task.

Due to many requests at the previous OPF Hackathon we decided to make the UfcMigrate service available to the OPF community again. We have prepared a separate domain dedicated to OPF members, who are interested in the aforementioned migration service:


The website contains the instructions on testing, the location of related code repositories, binaries and sample files.

Due to certain legal issues access to the service through any client application is restricted via an authentication mechanism. In order to acquire the corresponding username/password please write to Isgandar.Valizada (at) rz.uni-freiburg.de


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