An invitation to the COPTR relaunch

The Community Owned Digital Preservation Tool Registry (COPTR) brings together knowledge and information on around 500 preservation tools, including their functionality, licenses, origin, and user experiences. Hosted by the Open Preservation Foundation, COPTR is openly available and widely used by the digital preservation community. 

Until recently, the information in COPTR was unstructured and therefore not machine-readable. The NDE Preservation Tools project was a collaboration between the Dutch Digital Heritage Network (DDHN), the Open Preservation Foundation (OPF), Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) and ArchiXL that aimed to address this problem by migrating this rich dataset to a Semantic MediaWiki. 

Now, users can not only find extensive information about preservation tools, but query the database, perform automated searches and create their own overview of preservation tools.

Learn more at the COPTR relaunch

The digital preservation community is invited to join the Dutch Digital Heritage Network (DDHN) for the COPTR relaunch on Thursday 15 July at 11am (CEST). The event is an opportunity for anyone with an interest in preservation tools to learn more about the new functionality, discover how COPTR can support their preservation work, and talk to the project team. 

There is no need to register for the event. Simply join us at this zoom link




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