Announcing our new OPF Member Benefit!

We would like to share with you a fun new member benefit that has been in the works for a while.

At the OPF, we are in a fortunate position to have a dedicated Board of Directors, with over a century of digital preservation experience between them, who genuinely care about the outcomes of our work. The OPF staff keep the organisation ticking, and we are often closest to the needs and opinions of our members. Our Board of Directors are there to ensure that we meet expectations, deliver on our promises and align all that we do to our upcoming new strategy.

To facilitate closer ties and dialogue between our Board and our members, each of our member organisations have been assigned a ‘Board Buddy’. Over the next few weeks, our members will receive an introductory message from your assigned Board Buddy. Hopefully, this can be an alternative way for our members to voice their opinions and suggestions, whilst also helping to strengthen the relationships between staff, the Board and our members. As our Board of Directors are made up of our membership we think that they will find they have much in common and can learn from each other.

Some of our members, along with our Board of Directors, at the OPF Advisory Group meeting in Helsinki, May 2023.


To our members …

Please note that discussions that take place between you and your Board Buddy will be strictly confidential and will not be shared with OPF staff, unless specifically requested by you. 

Are you attending iPRES 2024 in September? This may be a great opportunity for you to arrange a first meet up with your new Board Buddy over a coffee!

If you have any queries or questions about this new member benefit, then please let us know.



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